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Broadcast on Tuesday 2 November 2010,  ABC’s Conversations with Richard Fiedler

Anna Gonzalez’s story of loss, hope and leaving Spain

Anna Gonzalez has a story about trying to hold your family together under the most trying, and tragic, circumstances.

Anna Gonzalez
Image: Anna Gonzalez (ABC Local)

Anna Gonzalez was born in Spain and her early life was overshadowed by the Civil War and the rule of General Franco that followed it.

Anna fled Spain and the Franco dictatorship as a young bride but having escaped the oppression in her home country, Anna found herself in Australia, with a new son and dying husband.

She was forced to return home and nursed her husband until his death.

Completely unexpectedly, she met the man who became her second husband, and when she moved back to Australia trained as an artist and teacher.